Thoughts: Seeing Selma The Movie

I saw Selma last Friday evening. Immediately after work, solo. I was surrounded by some who looked like me, and some who didn’t. We all watched silently, with reverence and respect. But no one really looked at each other. Maybe in different ways, and for different reasons, it just hurt too much to acknowledge our […]

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Mother’s Day Grace

~~~ I don’t like to write in “real raw time”. I prefer emotional space, perspective, healing – and control of my emotions. This way, I can write exactly what I want to write, how I want to write it. Sadly, this entry is not one of those times. Yesterday, May 5, 2011, my son, Joshua […]

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By Yoga, By Faith

~~~ When we talked in January, I was all about new beginnings, new chapters, etc.  I thought I’d finally “found myself” and was ready to embrace life – despite the sometimes tumultuous changes – once again. I was feeling positive, optimistic, in love, and at peace. That was then. This is NOW. And NOW looks […]

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Friendship…Through The Storm

~~~ Though I greatly admire the Oprah/Gayle friendship, I stopped having a soul ‘best friend’ by the time I was 18. I was (and still am) blessed to have many dear women friends who complement, and enhance my life so profoundly, I couldn’t possibly choose the ‘best one’.  But if I just HAD to pick […]

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~~~ Him: I’m not that athletic So my heart does not Skip, jump, somersault, Or otherwise cardio Over you.   I’m not that romantic so I do not write poems Send you roses just because Or make Hallmark richer For you.   I’m doing me So when I don’t call Or you don’t see me […]

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~~~ To my stepfather, Last October, I sat in the courtroom with my mother, witnessing the court put an end to your 32 year old marriage. Or as I refer to it, your 32 year reign of terror.  I guess we appeared, as we always did, like a good family – despite the circumstances. So […]

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Left For Dead

~~~ This is not exactly a feel-good story. A little over five years ago in 2005, on my 39th birthday, my boyfriend John, was brutally murdered by my ex-boyfriend in my own home. The reason why I’m able to tell you any of this?  My ex-boyfriend thought he had murdered me too. He definitely ended […]

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