‘Nana Puddin’ Love

~~~ Dipped down deep into something so sweet called banana pudding. Crisp vanilla cookie freshly madeby poetic hands. . Custard blended into smooth goodness, glides lusciously on the tongue. Bananas selected just right, not to ripe. . Crack a cookie, spooned up with custard and banana slices in the mix…eats like happiness. Leaving me with […]

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Remembering 9/11/01 – A Tear

~~~ Shedding a tear honors those lives lost in tragedy. Whether via airplane crash, building collapse or bomb blast on battle fields filled with mines each fallen civilian or soldier deserves to be remembered. Let your tears fall freely while standing on domestic or foreign soil; do not allow their deaths to be in vain. […]

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Angel Mom

~~~ Love lives forever; it’s energy spreads wide with wisp of wings, blowing breezes over me like mom’s kisses, warm happiness washes over my being. She is now light, like energy love’s power never fades. With a glance at her coat chair, or Bible I remember, hugs. Sense of humor lives too; playing hide and […]

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For Mommy…With Love

~~~ You gave me a childhood filled with joy and laughter. Silly giggles on somedays Monty Python on most Saturdays. Exploring the vastness of Chicago with super-transfers in hand on Sundays; we went everywhere discovering what the city held for mother and child. Early you taught me to seek knowledge by surprising the social worker […]

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Moving Back Home

~~~ Guess, I’ll move back home, Southeast where I came from. There were Jim Crow laws in my younger days and hatred keeping me down. Moved to New York to be free and dance at the Savoy. Went on to Baltimore for better pay, next stop Chicago for over forty years. This body and these […]

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~~~ Sometimes, my mom would to sit me down Next to a stack of ironing She would go over language lessons while Pressing out imperfections and wrinkles This was my pre-school education Her gift of time A luxury she never had as a child She was the eldest of many So bright – so young […]

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Divine Teachings

~~~ She speaks to us Sunday mornings with care; not here without experiencing despair and strife. Anointed to teach us and share God’s words about eternal life. She blesses us with truth and reality; reminds us of her past filled with meanness and fights. Yet today she holds her head high with dignity; her teaching […]

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