A Haiku

~~~ Walking blind-folded down rocky mountain roads, guide me home; I believe.   by: Joyce Rose-Harris © 2011 ~~~  

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~~~ Aspire to be the best In all you do   Shun mediocrity That’s not for you   Keep faith in God You’ll pass every test   Abide in him For there is rest   Success is yours It’s so near   You can overcome impossibilities, so never fear   by: Billye Hardy © 2009 ~~~

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2005 Wimbledon

~~~ On her tennis racket ride all those little brown girls, who don’t know a grass covered world.  By chance they sit and see their mirror image on TV.   Long and lean stretching to hit yellow ball beyond her opponents reach; she runs and makes each shot seem so easy.   Believe me it […]

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~~~ Seventh generation you returned as promised warrior woman given the duty to heal.   Returned for the next seven generations birthed from ravaged wombs.   You brought tranquility with hugs peaceful food to heal minds and spirits.   Standing strong as your shoulders hold the weight of seven pasts.   Doing your duty so […]

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A Crack In The Pedestal

~~~ We have white history, black history and American history, We have European history, world history and all kinds of history But it is only half of the story What of herstory?   Herstory is of the mothers who bore us Herstory is the breasts we suckled Herstory is who dried our tears Herstory is […]

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Catch 22

~~~ On one hand I’m applauded Respected   Forging my own way In life In the face of stumbling blocks   Being able To take care Of self   Not relying On anyone Especially a man   Always giving credit To God for The grace, in making ends meet   On the other hand I’m […]

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Black Woman

~~~ Sister…..Queen…..Soldier Black Woman your grace and radiance flowing so naturally about, projecting forceful, yet sensitive images that loudly shout of, BEAUTY. . .   Within your eyes a story is told. As you have grown old, has life made you cold? No! Now you’re still proud and bold, for your SOUL it is evident […]

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Her Name Is…

~~~ She strides with a regal pose Dreadlocks trail down her backside. Highlights of copper and gold woven throughout her crown. Her physique taunt and limber like that of a dancer.   She bathes in frankincense and myrrh, the glow of olive oil illuminates her ebony skin. No catcalls follow her along her journeys for […]

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Between The Lines

~~~ Standing strong by staying seated to help right wrongs. Walked for miles until their feet were tender and torn.   Praying and singing hand in hand seeking justice. Needing to be seen as people not just colored.   Marching in the day getting showered by hoses. Not cowering in the night covered in crisp […]

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